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Tea Time

Tea? Aren’t you the coffee addicted crafter? Well, yes. I do also enjoy a cup of tea from time to time. My husband and my daughter are definitely the tea drinkers in our house. Occasionally I try to find a tea I like, neat accessories, new mugs, and places to buy looseleaf tea. Recently I was perusing blog posts from my friend Suzie and saw the company she ordered tea from. Naturally, I checked them out because they’re on Etsy.

Have you ever heard of Desert Sage Natural? They sell artisan tea, coffee, and cocoa on Etsy. I fell in love with the names and descriptions of their teas. One in particular was the Leia’s Legacy blend. It is a black tea with cinnamon. I also ordered my oldest some of the Bad Wolf Blend since we love Doctor Who…she’s just a little obsessed. It didn’t take long to arrive and soon we were sipping away. The Leia’s Legacy is amazing- it is delicious. TheRebel enjoyed the Bad Wolf Blend, Sloth was a little unsure because of the strong scent of the tea; Hubs loved it most of all. So, if you go searching their teas, take a chance and try them. We were not disappointed at all.

When I ordered the tea, I also started putting together ideas for a monthly loot box for my oldest. She loves bath bombs, unique pens, coloring books, just little things that are inexpensive but feel like a treat. In the past we have just ordered one online, but some of the content I felt wasn’t completely appropriate for a fourteen year old girl. Knowing she loves tea and had gotten a new mug for Christmas, I set out to find her some fun tea diffusers for looseleaf tea. I found several. I bought two (which actually equal four because Amazon!) and had them shipped, coincidentally they arrived the same day as the tea. It was excellent since the kids were home for a snow day anyway.

On Amazon I found Loch Ness monster and kitten tea diffusers. They’re silicone and snap apart to be filled with tea. They pop back together easily and then you have a cute sea monster or kitten peeking out of your tea mug. Not a bad find for around $12 (that’s for 2 diffusers) and free shipping. I also noticed that Desert Sage Natural has a monthly tea sampler club, she may or may not be getting signed up for that too. The monthly loot boxes are surprisingly cool depending on which one you get. They’re also pretty convenient for keeping the “buy me this, buy me this” syndrome at bay. I spend less while running errands and they get a few cool things each month in the mail.

Below you will find links to the diffusers I bought, before you check them out, please check the disclaimer.

Disclaimer: I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

Both are adorable. They’re easy to clean and easy to use which are both must haves in my house. They’re also hilarious in a cup of tea! After all, who doesn’t like a little whimsy during tea time?

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Teach Me Tuesday: Lava Bead Jewelry

Alright. First and foremost let’s get this disclaimer out of the way: I am an independent distributor of Young Living Essential Oils. I’ve used them exclusively since 2013, I know them, trust them, and love them. Those will be the only oils I talk about or recommend.

Now, on Facebook I had asked for suggestions on tips I could post here and a good friend of mine suggested a how to on oils and lava beads. I’ll have you check her out here: Suzanne Elizabeth Designs and you can peruse her gallery of beautiful handcrafted jewelry. We served together in the Air Force fixing KC-135R tankers in North Dakota. She and a select few others are considered my “tanker chicks” so I can say that I wholeheartedly endorse anything she is making. I have a beautiful necklace I actually won from her, and no, you can’t have it because its mine. If you want to shop her store, check on Etsy.

Since it was her suggestion; I bring you a quick tip on how to use essential oils on lava bead jewelry.

Now it is up to you to decide what oil you choose and why. Peace & Calming is my favorite and always has been. It’s a blend of orange, tangerine, blue tansy, patchouli, and ylang ylang. It’s citrusy and herbal, to me it is the epitome of sunshine and relaxation. Generally if I’m wearing any type of diffusing jewelry it has peace & calming on it.

Why lava beads? The answer is because they’re porous so they can absorb the oil and release the scent as you wear it. This type of usage is typically known as inhalation- basically smelling. Our brains are pretty complex so if you want more information on how oils work through inhalation check out Lindsey Elmore on her YouTube channel. She is a pharmacist who is knowledgeable on Young Living, science, and healthy living. A quick google search of the olfactory system and essential oils will also lead you down a winding rabbit trail. Just please, if you google, look for scholarly sources not just opinion blogs.

Moving on. A simpler reason is because they smell good, I don’t wear perfume or super scented lotions. I wear a homemade lotion that has benefits for my skin and not surprisingly, contains Young Living oils.

Have you tried lava bead jewelry? The bracelet pictured is one I made with memory wire and beads from around the house. That’s a teach me post for another day though!

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A Project is Brewing

My grandma gave me one of her old sergers a few years ago. I was terrified to use it because there are so many spools of string and it was just intimidating. I took it to a local sewing shop and had them clean it and service it; then I moved to Alaska and never used it. No kidding.

In December I discovered Patterns for Pirates on Facebook and spent an unhealthy amount of time thinking yeah, I could make that! I pulled out Grandma’s serger and bought a pattern. Putting the pattern together was super easy, the best part is that I can just print the parts I need and not waste too much paper. I also found two great knits at Joann fabrics to experiment with before ordering any fancy fabric. (Fancy meaning costs more than $6-$7 a yard.) My first attempt drove me crazy because I broke a thread…and proceeded to spend two hours searching for the instructions to rethread the machine. A frustrating day later I did get it threaded, tension adjusted properly, and stitching correctly. Hallelujah!! I ended up making a pretty comfortable cardigan. It isn’t perfect, but it is cozy and I realized it was pretty straightforward.

Now, I have found some of my “fancy” fabric, it’s actually Doctor Who themed fabric for my oldest. I also purchased some plain gray terry fabric from Boho Fabrics. That is my project for this week. Originally I was going to sew it this weekend, however, half of my family is sick. Instead it has been a weekend of soups, tea, oils, diffusing, and sleep. So, I’ll make it this week.

What are we making?! The relaxed raglan from Patterns for Pirates with add-ons. We are adding a crossover hood, kangaroo pocket and thumb holes. The body of the hoodie will be Doctor Who fabric while the sleeves and inner lining of the hood will be gray. TheRebel and I are pretty excited to see how it turns out. Check back here for results!



Welcome to my confessional. Actually, I hope you’ll read these posts and internally scream, “ME TOO!” I drink coffee and make things. Often, my husband will tell you I am making a mess, which is usually true but the results are mostly good. I have a wildly creative streak, I enjoy coffee probably more than I should. This blog was born out of many conversations between my sister, my husband, and many instagram friends. Almost all who probably, most likely, shook their heads thinking, what is she up to now?

Recently I graduated from Liberty University with a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentration in Communication Studies and English Literature. What does one do with such a degree? Let me know when you figure that out, okay? In all seriousness I haven’t found a job that will pay me to sit around and have coffee with my friends. One day. For now I hope to share with you all some insight from my personal life, struggles with being a wife and mom, things I learn from the Bible, recipes, ideas, and crafty nonsense. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

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Wizard Hats

In October we finally made our trip to Disney World and Universal. It was originally planned for April, but the hubby’s spinal fusion changed plans. We knew we would be celebrating our oldest turning 14 the first day of our trip. She happens to be a giant Harry Potter fan- like her mother. I did what any self respecting diy-er does two weeks before the trip, I made wizard hats.

What? That’s not what you’d do?! I had a grand scheme that they would be a secret project and they’d be both cool and help keep the sun off of us. I achieved both objectives thank you very much! Now, sewing for four people when they aren’t home can be a challenge when you’re kind of a messy person. I cleaned up about twenty minutes before my kids got off the bus for about a week.

I looked for several tutorials or patterns on the internet, but one was especially helpful. This one by Zab on YouTube was excellent. I used her formula to create templates for my hats. I used a stiff interface on both sides of the brim since I used fabric instead of felt. I didn’t take out as much of a chunk from the brim as she did and overall I LOVED these hats. My family was surprised and they were good sports about wearing them in the park. We got many comments on them and several people asked what shop we bought them from.

Nah. I made those. A fellow Crafter and I discussed them and she left with plans to make her own. I call that a triple win.

These are a simple project that can be completely personalized. I used our house colors and tomorrow I’ll share the shirts I made. Yup. Shirts too.