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Wizard Hats

In October we finally made our trip to Disney World and Universal. It was originally planned for April, but the hubby’s spinal fusion changed plans. We knew we would be celebrating our oldest turning 14 the first day of our trip. She happens to be a giant Harry Potter fan- like her mother. I did what any self respecting diy-er does two weeks before the trip, I made wizard hats.

What? That’s not what you’d do?! I had a grand scheme that they would be a secret project and they’d be both cool and help keep the sun off of us. I achieved both objectives thank you very much! Now, sewing for four people when they aren’t home can be a challenge when you’re kind of a messy person. I cleaned up about twenty minutes before my kids got off the bus for about a week.

I looked for several tutorials or patterns on the internet, but one was especially helpful. This one by Zab on YouTube was excellent. I used her formula to create templates for my hats. I used a stiff interface on both sides of the brim since I used fabric instead of felt. I didn’t take out as much of a chunk from the brim as she did and overall I LOVED these hats. My family was surprised and they were good sports about wearing them in the park. We got many comments on them and several people asked what shop we bought them from.

Nah. I made those. A fellow Crafter and I discussed them and she left with plans to make her own. I call that a triple win.

These are a simple project that can be completely personalized. I used our house colors and tomorrow I’ll share the shirts I made. Yup. Shirts too.

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