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It’s no secret that my hubby and I love chicken wings. We are probably junk food junkies. However, that doesn’t always fit the lifestyle of a mom trying to teach her kids healthy eating habits. So what to do!?

Last year my mom gave me an air fryer for my birthday and I was at first slightly perplexed. I did take it for a test run when my mother in law was visiting to make some frozen mozzarella sticks and boy, were they good! So I started to experiment.

I made frozen chicken wings and they were ok. They weren’t amazing. In fact, they were a little dry! I knew we could do better. I Pinterest searched, I googled, I even poked around in the cookbook that came with the air fryer. I just wasn’t happy with anything I found. So I just went for it. I bought chicken wings, cut them into pieces and tried my hand air frying them. The wings themselves turned out pretty good. They weren’t super greasy and they had a bit of crunch. My problem was the sauces. I LOVE parmesan garlic wings. It’s the hubby’s fault. I tried a butter based recipe and while the taste was ok, it just wasn’t the same flavor that I wanted or enjoyed from a very popular pizza chain.

Tonight, I solved that problem. Hubs texted me around noon saying he wanted wings for dinner. So I did what anyone who is reading articles for grad school would do, I set that aside to search parmesan garlic sauce recipes. Ok, that is what I would do because I procrastinate, all the time!

In my search I came across this one from and figured why not?! It was different and didn’t call for sticks of butter like the others I had tried. We bought packs of chicken wings from Walmart, chopped them up, and air fried them at 400 for 24 minutes on the chicken setting. Then we tossed them in different wing sauces. My absolute favorite was the parmesan garlic sauce! I even bought shredded parm to sprinkle over my wings after they were coated in sauce. Heavenly. Serious. They were amazing. I do believe the combination of roasted garlic and the herb blend just put these over the top. They were so delicious. The chicken was crisp on the outside while still juicy inside and tossed in sauce for wing perfection.

We also used a caribbean jerk sauce bottled by Great Value, Sweet Baby Ray’s Buffalo Wing sauce and Sweet Baby Ray’s Hickory Brown Sugar barbecue sauce. In all we had four very distinct flavors to satisfy everyone’s cravings. While Sloth only chose to partake in the bbq and parmesan garlic wings, TheRebel felt adventurous and tried to eat the jerk wings. She likes some spicy food, but these were a little much. Hey. At least she tried, right?! They had a sweet start and a nice spicy finish, and considering it was a Great Value brand- I won’t complain! They were pretty tasty. Check out pics below, and I’ll post the affiliate link to the air fryer I use.

Sweet Baby Ray’s Hickory BBQ Sauce
Sweet Baby Ray’s Hickory Brown Sugar Barbecue Sauce Parmesan Garlic wings
Parmesan garlic wings using the recipe
Great Value Caribbean Jerk
Caribbean Jerk sauce, Great Value brand from Walmart
Buffalo wing sauce
Sweet Baby Ray’s Buffalo Wing Sauce
The wing spread
Don’t they look delicious!

Disclaimer: This is an affiliate link!

As promised, here is the link to the same air fryer I use.

It is the Power Air Fryer XL 5.3 quart, and when I am not using it, I store it on a shelf in my pantry. We have used this to make crispy french fries, wings, mozzarella sticks, and many other treats that we normally love fried- but without the actual frying. I will say that the “recipe” book that came with mine was painfully horrible to read. It had missing ingredients, little to no editing, and I considered it more of a guideline than actual recipe book. Do yourself a favor and search online for air fryer recipes, you’ll get actual user experience and better results.


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