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Teach Me Tuesday (on a Thursday)

I know, I know! It’s not Tuesday. I made these on Tuesday but they were for Valentine’s Day so I delayed in posting. Let’s get to it!

Hanging cell phone holders- easy gift for my kids. I winged these from a picture I saw on Pinterest. Now, you have to take in to account the size of your phone when making these. The giant washers- Walmart. I got these probably two years ago and never used them, they’re meant to hold a shower curtain. Genius. If I make these again, I have a few changes I will make, the seams were a bit bulky because I used scrap interfacing I had lying around so it’s thick- which adds a lot of bulk in the seams.

The basic shape is a rectangle. I cut mine 11″ x 7″ (height x width) and the pockets were about 6″ x 7″. For this, I cut two of each and only interfaced one side of each. Then I sewed up the pocket and attached it to the front side of the interfaced rectangle, sewing around the three outer edges. After that, I placed the last rectangle on top of the one with the pocket- right sides together. I sewed around with 1/4″ seam leaving about 3″ open above the pocket so I could turn it afterwards.

Once I had them turned, I ironed them to get them nice and smooth. To close the opening from turning, I top stitched around the entire thing with a 1/8″ seam. The next part was attaching the grommets.

The grommets came with a template. So, I found the center of each piece, lined up the template and traced the circle. Next step seems obvious- right? Cut out the circle.

Line up the grommet, then slip the top on and push it shut. Super easy!

These took me less than an hour to make. I do have modifications I’d like to make for future pockets, and that one seam on TheRebel’s is bugging me. It’s ok though! They liked them and we attached them by command hook to the side of their beds. The phones go in the pocket charging port sticking out. It keeps them from losing their phone and offers a convenient place to charge their phone.

Video tutorial anyone? Sloth wants to learn to make videos, so two birds, one stone!

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