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Tea Time

Tea? Aren’t you the coffee addicted crafter? Well, yes. I do also enjoy a cup of tea from time to time. My husband and my daughter are definitely the tea drinkers in our house. Occasionally I try to find a tea I like, neat accessories, new mugs, and places to buy looseleaf tea. Recently I was perusing blog posts from my friend Suzie and saw the company she ordered tea from. Naturally, I checked them out because they’re on Etsy.

Have you ever heard of Desert Sage Natural? They sell artisan tea, coffee, and cocoa on Etsy. I fell in love with the names and descriptions of their teas. One in particular was the Leia’s Legacy blend. It is a black tea with cinnamon. I also ordered my oldest some of the Bad Wolf Blend since we love Doctor Who…she’s just a little obsessed. It didn’t take long to arrive and soon we were sipping away. The Leia’s Legacy is amazing- it is delicious. TheRebel enjoyed the Bad Wolf Blend, Sloth was a little unsure because of the strong scent of the tea; Hubs loved it most of all. So, if you go searching their teas, take a chance and try them. We were not disappointed at all.

When I ordered the tea, I also started putting together ideas for a monthly loot box for my oldest. She loves bath bombs, unique pens, coloring books, just little things that are inexpensive but feel like a treat. In the past we have just ordered one online, but some of the content I felt wasn’t completely appropriate for a fourteen year old girl. Knowing she loves tea and had gotten a new mug for Christmas, I set out to find her some fun tea diffusers for looseleaf tea. I found several. I bought two (which actually equal four because Amazon!) and had them shipped, coincidentally they arrived the same day as the tea. It was excellent since the kids were home for a snow day anyway.

On Amazon I found Loch Ness monster and kitten tea diffusers. They’re silicone and snap apart to be filled with tea. They pop back together easily and then you have a cute sea monster or kitten peeking out of your tea mug. Not a bad find for around $12 (that’s for 2 diffusers) and free shipping. I also noticed that Desert Sage Natural has a monthly tea sampler club, she may or may not be getting signed up for that too. The monthly loot boxes are surprisingly cool depending on which one you get. They’re also pretty convenient for keeping the “buy me this, buy me this” syndrome at bay. I spend less while running errands and they get a few cool things each month in the mail.

Below you will find links to the diffusers I bought, before you check them out, please check the disclaimer.

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Both are adorable. They’re easy to clean and easy to use which are both must haves in my house. They’re also hilarious in a cup of tea! After all, who doesn’t like a little whimsy during tea time?